Mother Maria -
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Mother Maria

Mother Maria

This particular business was managed for over 10 years, from every angle, via concept creation, marketing, design, sales, photography, e-commerce, wholesaling, retail, and manufacturing, so you could say it was a long and winding road travelled with much experience gained!

My concept was to use my communications / media background to promote my own clothing label in a successful sales environment. The rapid growth and profitability of the label was achieved due to rigorous online marketing, and diligent contact with customers via email campaigns and facebook promotions.

I created an iconic label in the Australian eco-fashion field, with a website, online store, and blog to match. At the forefront of “eco-fashion” our blog is read by thousands across the world, and our label has given inspiration to the next generation of Australian clothing designers.

You can view the whole concept of Mother Maria HERE
Google “eco friendly fashion” and our blog will be displayed as number 1 in your Google search.


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